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7-1/2” Cheek- This cheek style can be used for training, pleasure riding or competition. It has a 2-1/2” purchase with a 5” shank. The shank is swept back like the 6” style, but to a lesser degree, offering more leverage. When properly adjusted it is still a mild cheek, but has plenty of control at increased speeds.

Snaffle- This is one of the most popular bits with all horsemen. It applies more pressure to the tongue than the dogbone, giving it a quicker response. Offers lateral pull and collection.

Chain- Stainless steel cheek with an inlaid copper chain mouthpiece. Good for reiterating bend and flex. Mild and pinchless sweet iron is comfortable, and applies even pressure to the corners of the mouth and tongue.

Dog-bone- This versatile mouthpiece wraps the tongue when pressure is applied. Pressure is also realized on the chin from the curb strap to the bars and corners of the mouth. This bit works well on well broke young horses or light-mouthed older horses.

Ported Chain- Stainless steel cheek with a copper inlaid ported chain mouthpiece. This comfortable and pinchless mouthpiece allows for tongue relief while providing flex and bend. It also encourages the horse to break at the poll. Ideal for finished, well broke horses.

Ported Twisted Wire- Advanced bit applies pressure to all parts of the mouth and sides of the tongue. Side pieces move independently with enhanced leverage and lift from twisted wire mouthpiece for desired stop and collection.

Correction- Extremely popular with performance riders and trainers. Taller port creates more palate pressure. Mouthpiece applies increased pressure to the sides of the tongue. Designed for finished, well broke horses of all disciplines.

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7-1/2" cheek bit

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